Learn the basic techniques of hand-lettering from a full-day workshop with artist Otto Baum & Rylsee.

The goal of the workshop is to provide the skills for making effective hand-lettering compositions / hand-painted wood sign for personal or business development. The workshops will cover the following topics:

  • Basic knowledge and rules of typography / lettering
  • Visual communication through the use of letters
  • Lettering techniques and tools
  • Secret tricks from Otto Baum & Rylsee



Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, is an Visual Artist originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin. With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he is obsessed with words and hand-drawn type compositions. Rylsee spent a year living in the Vancouver East side working at REDGATE as a designer, curator and co-organiser of art shows and cultural events. Afterwards he spent 4 months exploring São Paulo, Brazil.

He has worked for a variety of international companies such as NIKE, CONVERSE, DOCKERS, MOLESKINE, on design, branding and in-store display installations. His art has been featured and exhibited in Switzerland, France, U.S.A., Berlin, London, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, Vancouver, São Paulo, Lebanon, Santiago de Chile. Inspired by moments of everyday life, the city, and signage, he is interested in expressing mundane situations and places in a satirical way. Rylsee is currently an artist resident at URBAN SPREE , an art and cultural space in the heart of Berlin.





Otto Baum

Otto Baum was born in East Berlin where he still lives and works. In 2004 he became a member of the art collective KLUB7®. He is obsessed with hand-drawn type forms he writes using lots of different techniques. He started his passion to work with the lettering brush in 2010 and until now he creates new forms in script- and block lettering. Otto Baum’s hand lettered works are inspired by hand lettering, script lettering, tags, Berlin City and its streets. He is kind of a nerd who is into typographical things.